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We’ve been fortunate enough to have two healthy babies who are growing into strong girls. Neither has had anything more than a runny nose or high temperature so far. But what if this wasn’t the case and we were reliant upon healthcare beyond the usual measure of calpol or the odd appointment with the GP? How would we deal with that?

Well, like most things of gravity its likely that we would just deal with challenges as they arise. What else can you do? Becoming a parent has made me far more empathetic to people who have children will illnesses that can’t simply be overcome with rest and recuperation and that is part of the reason as to why at View From Daddy we have decided to register both of our girls on the donor list. I’ve carried an organ donor card since I was old enough to understand what it meant and the significance of it. I don’t carry it for recognition or praise but as a way of being able to make my wishes clear should the unthinkable happen. And, if we should be in a position whereby anyone of us needed an organ for whatever reason, I’m pretty sure there would be no hesitation to take receipt of one so we felt that being willing to donate should be part of the process. Although, the thought of giving leads you to stop and think perhaps more than dropping a pound into a charity collection box would. I’m not writing about this to impress any beliefs upon anyone rather I would encourage others to think about the act of registering to be an organ donor and then maybe, do it.

When I looked into registering the girls recently, I was surprised to learn that 82% of the population definitely want to donate but only 31% of families would agree to donation going ahead or are unsure if their loved one’s are registered, which leaves a lot of room for uncertainty in the moments when a difficult decision has to be made. These facts rang out loud and clear to me perhaps making the decision somewhat easier. If Mrs VFAD didn’t know my wishes, I’m pretty sure she’d find it difficult to make such a decision when faced with loss. I know I would. It’s not an easy conversation to have; indeed it’s really a rather frank one but once it’s done we felt a sense of relief.

If the scenario ever arose whereby your organs could be donated, your family would be approached about the possibility. If they don’t know your wishes or if you haven’t registered for organ donation, then your intentions may not be fulfilled. I certainly appreciate that for some this may be an uncomfortable read especially when considering that we are thinking about our girls but now we’ve registered them, we feel that we have at least got the idea sorted in our minds. We know that if we needed an organ (any one of us), we’d be willing to receive so we felt that it was most appropriate that we are willing to give too.

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