Let’s Talk Pants – The Underwear Rule

John Hibbs Pants

The Little Lady and I had cause this week to talk pants whilst at a hospital appointment. No, not pants as in a 1990s reference to something rubbish but the rules that we should be teaching our kids about their pants. I’ll admit, I was naive and when the Dr asked wether the Little Lady knew the rule about pants, I can honestly say I was thinking more about the rules of not twirling them around her head as she makes her way to the bath or throwing them ‘near’ to the washing basket (as she is prone to do) instead of opening the lid and placing them in. I replied seriously however with an honest ‘no’.

After leaving the appointment, I was all too aware of my ignorance and set about doing some research. It didn’t take me long to find the rules and in hindsight I feel pretty stupid that I said no now but it’s something we should all be sharing I feel to make sure our littles are protected.

So, check the NSPCC campaign and get the conversation started – let’s talk pants.

DOWNLOAD The Underwear Rule leaflet

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