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Nuffield Health Cannock - View From A Daddy Blog 1Stop Press! If you need some respite from the heat that is upon us at the moment and you’re super keen to shift the stubborn pounds to get beach ready, then consider getting down to Nuffield Health, Cannock this weekend where there promises to be some cool air as well as manageable solutions to target the hangover of the winter bulge. With an opportunity to meet the experts and get #SummerFit in their gyms nationwide, tips on fitness and nutrition will be available for everyone. Nuffield’s own experts will be on hand to share their knowledge and answer any questions that you might have to help you get in shape this summer and maintain your results. They have even promised a few surprises!

My own journey so far has been brief but I have begun to see results and I like it. From spin and swimming to pilates I have found that even what I perceived to be gentle exercise has led to me achieving definition and a reduced waist size – new shorts here I come. I am yet to return for my MOT health update but medically my results have been improved according to my doctors and perhaps most importantly to me, I have greater flexibility and feel that I have a more balanced well being. I choose to deny my ineptitude for some of the moves on the mat but I like to think of it as a work in progress.

To start your own journey, you can join your local Nuffield Health club for their 2-day fitness event this weekend to:

  • Get a free mini Health MOT check with one of their experts; including blood pressure, BMI and hip-to-waist ratio measurements
  • Try out group exercise classes
  • Grab some giveaways and prizes
  • Have a tour of the club and meet your local team
  • Workout in the gym or take a dip in the swimming pools
  • Relax in the sauna and spa
  • Challenge yourself with the gym floor challenges

Plus, much more! All you need to do is turn up on the event days with photographic ID to join in. Non members can use the facilities free of charge all weekend!

Discover more about the benefits of joining Nuffield Health Cannock Fitness & Wellbeing GymFind your local gym to find out when they are hosting their Summer of Well Being events.

See what happened when I took the unique Nuffield Health MOT!

Nuffield Health Cannock - View From A Daddy Blog

Nuffield Health Cannock - View From A Daddy Blog Nuffield Health Cannock - View From A Daddy Blog 8

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