Review: SunGod Renegades Sunglasses

John Hibbs - SunGod Renegades

I’ve been hankering for some new shades for the duration of the summer but what to buy? What style? Which brand? I came across SunGod’s website whilst on Twitter and decided to take a closer look. I wasn’t to be disappointed.

John Hibbs - SunGod Renegades ReviewI wanted something a bit trendier than my current dad glasses, and SunGod gave me just that. I chose the Renegades design, which I customised on their user friendly website. You choose your frame , your lense colour and then the colour of the icons and hey presto – your shades are created and on their way.

The Renegades have 4K optic lenses which offer 100% UV protection and minimal light transmission (depending upon the colour optic you chose). Each shade of lense is suited to a range of weather conditions, which is easily determined from the website information. I went for the polarised 4KO blue that is good for bright light and overcast conditions – perfect for the general sun we get in Staffordshire. I must say that since I received them on next day delivery, I have barely taken them off. This is owing to the fact that we have received some final hints of the summer but also because when I have been driving, the reduced glare from the incidental light has been pretty amazing. At just 2mm thickness, they fit the frame precisely and with 6 shades available, there is likely to be something to satisfy your style. Each lense has as standard triple layer scratch resistance, which will be extra handy for me with two sets of small hands grabbing for the frames and for the days on the beach next year that I dream of.

John Hibbs - SunGod Renegades Review

The adventureproof frames allow for flexing enabling greater durability and resistance to stress. As if the cool factor hadn’t sold them to me already, the lifetime guarantee could offer nothing but reassurance. I’ll admit, I’m no endurance athlete; I may have completed a few marathons and long distance cycling in my time but trampolining with two energetic girls is the peak of my outdoor activity currently. Yet, these fit the bill just as well as if I were putting them to the test and under rigorous sporting duress so much so that Mrs Hibbsy had purchased a set of customised Pacebreakers for the running that she does get out to do. Look out for that review soon.

The frames come with a 100% microfiber cleaning storage pouch as standard although a harder case is available to purchase.

The speed of delivery and the ease of ordering is brilliantly refreshing. Well done SunGods – I’m sold and eyeing up my next pair as I type.

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John Hibbs - SunGod Renegades ReviewJohn Hibbs - SunGod Renegades Review

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