Run For Lupus - John Hibbs

This girl definitely believes she can and while she has this invaluable faith in her own abilities and doesn’t worry about what other’s perceptions are, there’s no doubt that I’m going to be right behind her cheering her on; dusting her off and praising her efforts.

The little lady is full of energy from morning to night and she is always up for some fun so we harness it in sport. At the park, in the gym or the pool it doesn’t matter where as long as she continues to have the self belief to give it a go, I’m more than happy to encourage her to embrace sport in its many forms. Even getting out on her bike, gives her the challenges that she needs to take ‘risks’ (of the sort that will in no way will lead to harm e.g dropping the curb or manoeuvring round a tight bend – I’m not a kamkaze Dad!) and in doing so her confidence thrives which carries over to other activities like her developing knowledge of phonics or her enquiries about space.

She’s also keen to practise until she masters something which is nothing to be sniffed at when you’re 3. She’s currently trying to master a move for gymnastics that requires some serious tummy muscles and despite the numerous fails, she only focuses on the wins because after all – this girl can!

Run For Lupus - John Hibbs Run For Lupus - John Hibbs

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