Let’s Talk Pants – The Underwear Rule

John Hibbs Pants

The Little Lady and I had cause this week to talk pants whilst at a hospital appointment. No, not pants as in a 1990s reference to something rubbish but the rules that we should be teaching our kids about their pants. I’ll admit, I was naive and when the Dr asked wether the Little Lady…

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She Believed She Could, So She Did

IRONKIDS Staffordshire - johnhibbs.me

I hope that by surrounding her with examples of health she will be keen to pursue sport and gain confidence in her ability rather than worry about body image and be bogged down by other’s judgements.

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Run For Lupus - John Hibbs

This girl definitely believes she can and while she has this invaluable faith in her own abilities and doesn’t worry about what other’s perceptions are, there’s no doubt that I’m going to be right behind her cheering her on; dusting her off and praising her efforts.

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Joining The Organ Donor Register


We’ve been fortunate enough to have two healthy babies who are growing into strong girls. Neither has had anything more than a runny nose or high temperature so far. But what if this wasn’t the case and we were reliant upon healthcare beyond the usual measure of calpol or the odd appointment with the GP? How would we deal with that?

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IRONKIDS Staffordshire 2016


We had a fantastic day and I am one proud Daddy. The words ‘carry me!’ are often uttered when we are out and about but the little lady met the challenge yesterday – what a star!

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